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Scientists found that Sugar is more addictive than cocaine

We are living in a crazy age of sugar, it's literally in everything... Let's take our health in our hands... shall we?

The Research scientists found by experimenting on rats has that sugar is more addictive than opioid drugs such as cocaine. They found if you would just cut out sugar instantly you could have withdrawal symptoms such as depression and behavioral problems.

The research scientists claim that sugar alters the mood and can induce reward and pleasure, in the same way, drugs such as cocaine affect the brain.

Sounds crazy right? Well, I saw this first hand when I was starting keto. Had huge problems fighting sugar cravings, and I was extremely cranky. But it stopped, took me a few fails to get there tho.

Scientists found that sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine

Recently discovered by Dr. Nicole Avena was that pizza is the most addictive food! By far! Since it has a lot of hidden sugar you'll find in just one slice. The tomato sauce or marinara sauce for pizza, for example, can have more sugar than a few Oreos. It's everywhere.

Researchers found that the least addictive food is Cucumber, followed by beans and carrots!

Insulin & Sugar

"When we eat wheat flour and sugar in processed foods, spikes our sugar, then insulin. Those are the hormonal disturbances that make you store belly fat, and then you are hungry for more sweets and starchy junk food," - O'Keefe

I should note that Sugar & Carbs spike the insulin the most, and makes you hungry faster!

“Don’t simply switch your obsession with sugar for a sugar-free obsession—obsess over the One who cares more about transforming your life than transforming your diet.” Wendy Speake, CA

Although sugar has been refined for about 2500 years already, it’s only been in the last 400 years that humans have eaten it in any kind of large quantities. To the extreme point by now.

Pre-modern people got their glucose from whole versions of carbohydrate-rich sources like seasonal fruits, as well as roots and other edible plants. Much of their energy may also have been derived from the fats that came along with eating meat, but even as far as their sugar intake was concerned, this was a type and amount that our body had the bandwidth to process into a steady form of energy to power our daily physical and mental activity.

In the year 2000 in the U.S., average sugar consumption was nearly 70 kilograms per person per year — that’s almost 150 pounds. Compare that to the 2 kg per year in modern hunter-gatherers we used to compare to what our diets may have been like in prehistory. And the honey that is responsible for most of their intake would only have been available to gather seasonally.

Sugar presents real dangers to our health and physiology not just because we can only safely and effectively consume so much of it, but also because its use has been over-normalized. We take for granted how much sugar we can consume and how much sugar we do consume — not just in ice cream, candy, and soda, but in commercially produced soups, sauces, dressings, yogurt, and flavored water.

From my personal experience & comprehensive research online I found that it can take six weeks to kick a sugar addiction completely, and you can experience strong cravings almost like a drug withdrawal as stated above. But the long-term benefits are worth it, you will feel more alive than ever!

Your blood pressure goes down, diabetes goes away, obesity goes away, complexion clears up, mood clears up, sleep improves.

Sugar replacements

For us doing keto lifestyle sugar is definitely not an option, so we use other substitutes for sweetness in our food.

Best by far and the one I use is confectioner swerve you can get it on Amazon here.

It's natural and nobody can notice the difference, trust me!

Another sweet option you can use is stevia which active ingredients are 30 - 150x sweeter than regular sugar. Yet it's completely natural and made from the same-named plant.

You can also get it on amazon here.

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