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Can Diet Coke Kick me from Ketosis?

Coke Zero contains zero carbohydrates and is fully compatible with a keto diet, but the calories mean you won't be thrown out of ketosis.

Despite having an image as a healthier tasty beverage alternative, diet sodas have always been challenged by claims of being literally anything but healthy.

Sodas are a sweet drinks containing carbonated water & flavoring.

The first batch of artificially produced carbonated liquids was manufactured in the late 1700s, but hot dang if the Greeks weren't already curious about it 2000 years before that after noticing what they thought were medicinal benefits from naturally carbonated water springs. The Greeks, clever as they were, couldn't reproduce the phenomena at the time.

Who knows why? I guess they were too busy revolutionizing the realm of art & science.

So a couple of millennia later, in 1767, England separatist, theologian, natural philosopher & chemist, Joseph Priestley, accidentally invented it. So in fact, in 1775 a Scottish physician named John Nooth liked it so much he said `Hey, I love this machine you've built, really, I love the fizzy water, but I hate the taste of dirt though.` So he made a better version - because nothing says improvement like `We made it taste less like dirt!` So he sent word to Priestley about his findings. Priestly wasn't thrilled, taking personal offense to his original design. Naturally, it didn't take too long for the dust to settle and for Priestley to admit that Nooth had in fact improved his original design.

And wouldn't you know it, the world thought so too. So it became wildly popular. As time went on, folks started improving on that design even further, getting creative with ingredients... Sometimes a little too creative like Coca Cola and Coca Plant ages ago.

A Russian chemist named Constantin Fahlberg revolutionized the soda industry when he discovered artificial sweeteners from coal tar. One of many accidental discoveries. It will later be known as saccharine, a pioneer compound in the world of artificial sweeteners. There won't be long until people realize they can replace actual sugar with artificial sweeteners to create a Diet Soda drink as we know it today.

When it comes to losing weight with a ketogenic lifestyle - diet, there is one thing you should not push against ketosis, and that is sugar. When it comes to weight loss in a ketogenic diet, there are things you can or can't introduce into ketosis.

Diet soda is notorious among those who want to reduce their weight through ketogenic diets, but research shows it might be even worse than real coca-cola since our body doesn't even recognize artificial sugars used to sweeten diet drinks.

If you are looking for a low sugar diet and aim to reduce the sugar content of your diet (or any other diet), you need to be aware that this will cause a lot of problems.

Sodas can increase hunger and cravings for sweets, leading you to eat sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods that discourage you from being in ketosis. Drinking diet soda can greatly maintain your sugar cravings, which can make it difficult to stick to a low-carb plan and stay in ketosis for the long term.

Finally, there is no question that I want to include diet soda sometimes in my keto diet. If you are preparing well for your keto diet, you probably need to have diet sodas with you, just to fight the craving for sugar. But if you are not, and you are coping well, you might be able to take some diet soda as a side effect of your diet (or even as part of it).

If you are consuming diet soda because you think it is low in carbohydrates and is allowed in your keto diet, you should leave it out of your diet now. There are no limits to the damage diet sodas can do to your body, so try to take it off your diet and see if it makes a difference in how quickly you get ketosis. Coke (or other diet soda) allows a ketogenic diet, but it will neither kick - kick or prevent you from a state of ketosis nor does it allow or allow ketogenic nutrition.

While keto you can drink alcohol, but it will throw you out of ketosis, and it can cause serious health problems.

If you are just starting a ketogenic diet, a can of lemonade can throw you out of ketosis in one day, a larger bottle could save you from ketosis for a few days or even weeks. Would you introduce one or two diet cokes a month into your MONTH keto diet or exercise regime? I would be worried in the first few weeks of my diet if I drink more than one bottle of Diet Coke a day. If I have a 2-liter bottle or a 1-liter bottle, I don't want to finish the whole 2-liter bottle.

So diet coke on keto should not be an exception, but remember that it is not a keto-friendly option for the first few weeks.

What happens when you drink diet soda is metabolic syndrome. It may sound like something you don't worry about until you are like 60 years of age, but the fact is that metabolic syndrome is a combination of 3 following symptoms: clinical obesity, low good cholesterol - high total cholesterol & excess fasting glucose.

So having a combination of those symptoms classifies you as having what's called a metabolic syndrome. What is kind of crazy is that mainstream media wants you to believe that consuming sugar is what is going to lead to MS. The fact is yeah, It does. But what is crazy is that recent studies have shown that artificial sweeteners may lead to metabolic syndrome even more than traditional sugar sodas.

Coke Zero contains no carbohydrates or calories, meaning you're unlikely to fall out of ketosis. But it does contain carbohydrates and calories in the form of sugar and sugar-laden fizzy drinks, which means it can cause weight gain and is likely to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and/or vomiting.

Even though I do not tolerate it, I understand that Diet Coke is sweetened with artificial low-calorie sweeteners, and some people want to know if they can drink it safely. I do not recommend diet soda in this case, but you may have it if you are on keto, and you may have it if it is safe for you.

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